How to Play

Touch Rugby is similar to tag but without the tags.A simple touch is made instead and can be initiated by either a defending player OR the player with the ball.The ability of the player with possession to make the touch themselves as well as the rule that does not permit the ball from going to ground, promotes a faster and more tactical game.

Basic rules:

  • 6 players on the pitch at any one time
  • Substitute players can only enter the field of play once the player being substituted has left the field and entered the substitute box.Players can substitute at any time after a touchdown has been scored.
  • A touch can be made anywhere on the player or the ball and must be made with minimal force.
  • Each team aim to score a touchdown (or try) within 6 touches.A change of possession occurs after the 6th touch.
  • After a touch is made, the entire defending team including the toucher must retreat 5 metres before being allowed to attempt at making a touch.The referee will signal where this is.
  • The defending team is considered on-side once they make it back 5 metres from where the touch was made but cannot move forward until the attacking Half has touched the ball (if there is no half, the referee will signal if a defending team can play on)
  • When defending within 5 meters from the scoreline, all defending players must continue to move forward (without stopping) unless a touch is made or the ball is within the 5 meters of the scoreline.
  • The ball cannot go to ground (no kicking permitted)
  • No forward passes permitted
  • The Half (or dummy half) cannot delay playing the ball
  • If the Half is touched, a change of possession occurs.
  • The Half can cross the scoreline, but is not permitted to score
  • The ball must be grounded on or over the scoreline for a touchdown (or try) to be awarded.In Mixed leagues 1 point is awarded for a male touchdown, 2 points for a female. In single gender leagues, only 1 point is awarded.

Open Days - to learn more about Touch, we will be running Open nights and FREE coaching clinics for players and teams during the month of April and on Thursday nights. Let us know if you are interested in attending one of these sessions by sending us an email to

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